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New Updates II

16.10.06 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 11 updated at 6:10pm PST on 10/16

16.10.03 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 5 updated at 12:46pm PST on 10/12

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Lee Seung Gi’s Anticipated Discharge Gets the Most Attention from the Industry

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2015.02 Big Issue Magazine Bonus Photo – Lee Seung Gi

The photographer just added this to her online portfolio:

credit: zzuck

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KB Warm Winter Event Throwback Photo with Lee Seung Gi

This KB bank teller is a new mom, and she was looking through her old photos because she couldn’t sleep. She said this photo (featuring SeungGi’s manner hands) still warms her heart when she looks at it again. She said she’s sorry to her husband, but SeungGi’s just so wonderful. 😆😍😂😍😘😆😆😊

credit: shada_han
English translation:

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“The History of Lee Seung Gi” Special Album to be Released

What a pleasant surprise!

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Lee Seung Gi Love Forecast Fan Art

credit: everymoment

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Lee Seung Gi Valentine’s Day 2017 Fan Event Photo Summary

These are the gifts DCLSG fans prepared for SeungGi and his comrades:

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Lee Seung Gi TK2H Filming Throwback Fanpic

This fan said she was organizing her 100+ GB of photos and found these “power eye contact” photos she took while standing right in front of SeungGi.

credit: fiesta

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