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New Updates II

17.06.30 SWC Concert Fancams 4 updated at 5:58am PST on 7/6

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Lee Seung Gi Vogue Korea Magazine Fan Art 2

credit: everymoment

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LSGKWA Subway Ad Event Now in Progress

To those of you who are/will be in Seoul, have fun searching these subway stations for SeungGi! 😛 And you can win prizes for posting proof shots on SNS. Check out LSGKWA’s IG account for more details.

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SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi Profile Photo

This was posted by a career soldier. He said he was bored, so he looked up SeungGi (in the military computer system) and saw this. Some of the hashtags he used: #SoHandsome #4DimensionWallYouCannotClimbOver 😛

credit: seo_biiii

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Lee Seung Gi Enlistment Throwback Fanpic

There’s also a fancam here. Can’t believe that these 21 months are really coming to an end soon! 😀

credit: seunggiya_com

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Lee Seung Gi Japanese Magazine Photoshoot Fan Art

credit: everymoment

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To Catch Lee Seung Gi… BTS Story of tvN Lineup Change

My guess is that Hook has already signed SeungGi up to star in Hwayugi (while practicing the art of a 1+1 package deal) and is just waiting for his discharge to make an official announcement. I can understand Hook’s desire to grow as an agency (who doesn’t want more money, right?), but did anyone tell Hook that YG is not exactly a good role model (especially when their obnoxious media play & interference in the production has affected SG)? Right now, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that SeungGi would surprise us (pleasantly, of course) at his discharge.

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16.08.02 SWC Event HQ Fanpics 3 – Lee Seung Gi

credit: seunggiya_com

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