17.09.14 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Recent photos of Lee Seung Gi in the military lighten up fans by allkpop

SeungGi tops another poll:

D-48! Fans are Waiting for Lee Seung Gi to Comeback by SBS Star
Lee Seung Gi Gets Picked As Most Awaited Celeb In The Army by soompi
Which male stars are netizens most eagerly waiting for their military discharge? by allkpop
Lee Seunggi Tops the Poll for `Male Celebs Whom Fans Wait the Most to Comeback from Army` by kstarlive

Netizen comments:

D-48 to Lee Seunggi’s discharge from army by k-madd

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New Updates II

17.06.30 SWC Concert Fancams 4 updated at 5:58am PST on 7/6

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Even High Altitude Jump’s No Problem… Lee Seung Gi, Special Force’s Dignity

Looks like Dispatch has been stalking fan sites again (even though they claimed that these “exclusive photos” were provided by a reader who attended the concert):

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Group Photo with Private Lee Seung Gi

Based on SeungGi’s uniform, this was probably taken sometime after his basic training and before he went to 13th Brigade. All the other soldiers in the picture had green shoulder patches (which SeungGi wears now), so were they all squad leaders? 😛

credit: lsg_peipei via KorianairenAB19

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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fancams – Lee Seung Gi

Unfinished Story

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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fanpics 3 – Lee Seung Gi

The background photo seems to be from airborne training:

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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fanpic 2 – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi singing I’ll Give You All:

Healing concert~ Lee Seung Gi is so handsome

#Icheon #ArtHall #SWC #Concert #LeeSeungGi #Healing

credit: coldplay176
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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17.09.21 SWC Autumn Concert Fanpic – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi made a surprise appearance as the “invited singer.”

#LeeSeungGi #SWC #Icheon #AutumnConcert

credit: minji7695

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2017.09 SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi Non-fan Account

A dclsg fan found this posted on Facebook about 2 weeks ago. The poster (a guy) works at the Ministry of National Defense; SeungGi was probably there to get ready for the PACC & PAMS.

I ran into Lee Seung Gi at the gym. His chest muscles were tight, and his back muscles were unbelievable… Wow. I don’t know how he came to the Ministry of National Defense, but his body is really well built. And his personality is also really great. From the way he politely and courteously, one by one, turned down those soldiers who asked for autographs, it seems likely that he’ll become a big shot. His face is really small, and he did pull-ups terrifically well. Every time he moved up and down, his back muscles were contracting like waves. I thought my heart stopped beating [while watching SG]. First of all, he’s really a handsome guy with a small face. And his entire skin is so tanned like he’s had lots of vitamin D [from the sun]. It’s a body that has received quite a lot of training. So cool/awesome.

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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