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New Updates II

16.10.06 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 11 updated at 6:10pm PST on 10/16

16.10.03 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 5 updated at 12:46pm PST on 10/12

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Lee Seung Gi 1N2D Fan Art 9

credit: everymoment

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Throwback Event Photo with Lee Seung Gi

OK, I just remembered that this was the Hanwoo Keeper Ceremony, and I’ve posted this picture before! Oh well… 😛

Not sure which event this was. The person posting the picture was just taking a stroll down memory lane, and thanking the other person for the chance to eat with SeungGi. 😛

credit: popo_zzang

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17.06.23 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

This person’s younger brother’s friend serves in the same unit as SeungGi, and that’s how she got this autograph. SeungGi even wrote “the most beautiful in the world” in front of her name! She said she had been sick recently, but after she got the autograph, she has felt completely well. And she wishes SeungGi the best military life. 😛

To the most beautiful xx in the world ❤
Always be happy!

credit: ayoung__94
English translation:

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Throwback Group Photo with Rookie Lee Seung Gi

What kind of camp did SeungGi attend with these kids? The guy posting the picture doesn’t even remember when exactly this was taken. He said it was 11 or 12 years ago, he was in 2nd or 3rd year of middle school, and SeungGi was practically a rookie at the time. He does remember SeungGi being very good-looking though. 😆

credit: ho_jun_i

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Throwback GFF Backstage Selca with Lee Seung Gi

I had bad internet connection for a couple of days, and then all these pictures popped up on IG. 😛 This SWC soldier had a selca with SeungGi that was posted before, but this version is a little different.

credit: vlvk8773

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Lee Seung Gi 1N2D Fan Art 8

credit: everymoment

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Lee Seung Gi in Psychology Textbook

This is a chapter on social psychology, and in explaining external & internal attributions in Kelley’s covariation model, the author analyzes “the behavior of a high school girl xx who goes crazy over celebrity Lee Seung Gi.”

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