16.05.27 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

An international Airen shared some info she learned from a ROKSWC soldier on IG. He’s serving in 7th Special Forces Brigade, but he saw SeungGi once between airborne training sessions and he said SeungGi did well. He left comments like, “SeungGi hyung, seeing the way you were drinking water, it seems that you suffered a lot in the hot weather” and “Congratulations on parachuting safely and completing airborne training!”

He said the first vacation SWC soldiers get is usually only 4 days (it’s the 100-day leave, but some dclsg fans said it doesn’t necessarily start on the 101st day). They’ll get the 2nd vacation after they’re promoted, and it’s usually 9 days. SeungGi will be promoted to Private First Class on June 1, so he should be getting a longer vacation soon.

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16.05.24 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan heard that during SeungGi’s last training (long-distance march or airborne training?), there was something very difficult that SeungGi did really well, so he received a lot of praise. He treated everyone to ice cream. 

They say SeungGi’s personality is really nice but he doesn’t talk much. 

This fan’s source for SeungGi’s SWC news is a college student who hears things from a friend [who’s probably serving in SWC], but unfortunately that college student is enlisting himself on 5/31, so he won’t be able to share much news anymore. 

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New Updates II

[Eng Sub] 16.04.15 NJttW Bonus Cut #2 updated at 8:04pm PST on 4/17

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15.12.08 Big Issue Star Vendor Fancams 7 – Lee Seung Gi

credit: Sharon Xu

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Lee Seung Gi Autographed Photo

This was part of the World Airen’s thank-you gifts. Thanks to LSGKWA for sharing the original picture!😀

credit: lsgkwa

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Lee Seung Gi TK2H Filming Throwback Photo 3

I’m not sure how I missed this picture when I scrolled through this person’s IG the first time. Maybe because the picture quality was so much lower than the others?😆 This person was cleaning up her N drive and found a lot of SeungGi pictures she got from a TK2H staff. Hopefully she’ll share more.

credit: _eunbi_0706_

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Lee Seung Gi 1N2D Fan Art

“First Day”

credit: everymoment

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Lee Seung Gi TK2H Filming Throwback Photo 2

Credit: _eunbi_0706_

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16.03.16 Army Training Completion Ceremony Fancams 4 – Lee Seung Gi

There’s a longer video posted on http://seunggiya.com/ for its members:

2016.03.16 #이승기 논산 훈련소 수료식 영상 업로드 #leeseunggi #イスンギ seunggiya.com 놀러오세요

A video posted by 승기야닷컴 (@seunggiya_com) on

credit: seunggiya_com

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