16.10.26 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan made some inquiries into the malicious rumor lawsuit, and was told that the lawsuit is progressing in an orderly manner.

Like stated before, they have no intention to treat anyone leniently, and their course of action remains the same.

Some people have already been prosecuted, some are in the process of being prosecuted, and there are others they are still preparing to prosecute.

The fan said she couldn’t reveal more details, but we can rest assured that things are being done.

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New Updates II

16.10.06 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 11 updated at 6:10pm PST on 10/16

16.10.03 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 5 updated at 12:46pm PST on 10/12

16.09.28 GFF Rehearsal Fancams updated at 10:17am PST on 10/9
16.10.01 GFF Eve Performance Fancams 9 updated at 10:15am PST on 10/9
16.10.03 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 2 updated at 4:07am PST on 10/9

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16.10.02 GFF Backstage Fanpics 10 – Lee Seung Gi

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Lee Seung Gi 2016 GFF Fan Art 2

credit: everymoment

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16.10.24 ROK Army Event Fan Accounts – Lee Seung Gi

It seems that SeungGi performed for another army unit on Monday. In addition to the 2 fan accounts translated yesterday, a dclsg fan found another account somewhere:

This was the first time in my military life that I saw soldiers having such an explosive response to a guy’s stage/performance.

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16.10.01 GFF Eve Performance Photos – Lee Seung Gi

This was posted by the managing director of GFF:

This person seems to have an aura. Wonderful hunnam~! Special Forces Lee Seung Gi~!

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16.10.05 GFF Event/Performance Fanpics 7 – Lee Seung Gi

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16.10.06 GFF Event/Performance Fancams 14 – Lee Seung Gi

MC Cut + Backstage + Ending

credit: qlcsksms01

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