Lee SeungGi ‘Hope Concert’ Report!

Singer/Actor/MC Lee SeungGi held his 2 days in a row concert titled “2009 Lee SeungGi Hope Concert in Seoul” on Dec 12 -13,2009 in Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium. This is his first concert after the last one on February 2007.

As any other concert, Lee SeungGi also invited a great guest star to his concert and this time, it’s pretty senior singer Baek Ji Young! The 2 reported do a couple stagey performing Baek Jiyoung’s song “my ear’s candy” and indeed drawing people’s attention as they performed a hot couple dance together for the song.

The concert has managed to gather estimated 12.000 people for 2 days and Lee SeungGi successfully charmed the audience by performing 20 songs in total.

credit: k bites

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