09.12.13 Hope Concert Fancams

SeungGi’s grand entrance (singing WYMM):


credit: scq5277

The Person Living In My Heart


credit: nate

Again, all the other fancams have been deleted.

*I think the official concert video is coming out one way or another, so they’re trying to stop the fancams and fanpics from spreading further, as to keep people’s anticipation high. That’s why everything is being taken off all the online sites, including fan blogs. There was a message on leeseungki.com that asked everyone to stop posting fanpics and fancams, all the related posts on that site have been removed, so the youku and tudou links will no longer be available. 😦

I just hope that they get the video out soon. I was so busy posting the links that I didn’t get around to rip the fancams either. And now I don’t have anything to watch… 😛

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