09.12.27 News Tidbits

Great news! SeungGi will be performing My Ear’s Candy with Baek Ji Young for the MBC music festival on 12/31. Can’t wait!


I don’t know if this will affect the performance, but I just read in the news that Baek Ji Young got really sick during her concert on 12/27 and was hospitalized. I hope she’ll be ok!

Update #2 on Baek Ji Young:

She still plans to attend the MBC music festival, meaning we’ll still be able to see her performing My Ear’s Candy with SeungGi on 12/31. However, she will not be attending the SBS music festival on 12/29, so I guess her special joint stage with SeungGi is canceled. But we’ll still have SeungGi’s Michael Jackson tribute performance to look forward to that night.


Since SeungGi is such a busy guy, it’s hard to keep up with him, so here’s a summary of his schedule for the next few days:
12/29: SBS Music Festival at 9:55 pm KST
12/30: SBS Entertainment Awards at 8:50 pm KST; KBS2 Music Festival at 9:55 pm KST
12/31: SBS Drama Awards at 10pm KST; MBC Music Festival at 10pm KST

SeungGi will be performing WYMM with Park Shin Hye at the SBS music festival. (Now, I’m jealous. :P)

Here’s a list of performances (probably not complete):
SBS music festival: LBU, WYMM (with Park Shin Hye), MJ tribute
KBS music festival: 1N2D team’s special appearance
SBS drama awards: BL OST (The Person Living in My Heart)
MBC music festival: My Ear’s Candy with Baek Ji Young

SeungGi will be busy going back and forth between shows on 12/30 and 12/31. I hope he stays safe, and doesn’t miss any awards!

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