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09.12.29 SBS Music Festival Rehearsal Photos – Lee Seung Gi

Well, it’s the end of the year, SeungGi is really all over the news! A lot of articles are talking about how as a “triple crown”, SeungGi is the busiest person at the year-end shows with 3 awards shows and … Continue reading

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09.12.28 News Tidbits

OMG! Breaking News! Apparently SeungGi will start off the new year in China! This is very hard to believe, but it’s been confirmed. He was invited by Hunan TV for a new year’s special event, and he has accepted. There … Continue reading

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09.12.27 1N2D Screencaps Part 2 – Lee Seung Gi

I have a favor to ask everyone. I’ve been uploading a lot of pictures lately. If you like something and want to post it somewhere else, it’s fine. But please do not use my pictures links. I do not want … Continue reading

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09.12.28 Entertainment News

Here’s some coverage of KBS ent awards with some new footages: source: official fan cafe

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