SeungGi’s tweet # 8 & 9

Somewhere in Jeolla Do… Today’s weather is just right… ㅋ There is not a single cloud, blue sky and cool wind bring a happy mood… ^^ This camera is being used for the very first time in our country. Panasonic 3700. Hollywood usually films with this… Then, is Cha DaeWoong a Hollywood actor? ㅋ Just kidding… Sorry ㅋ

based on Chinese translation at baidu tieba

RT @chadaewoong 전라도의 어느곳..오늘날씨 딱좋다..ㅋ구름한점없는파란하늘과 선선한바람이 기분을좋게 만들어주는..^^ 이카메라는 우리나라 최초로 사용하는 카메라란다.파나소닉3700 헐리웃에서도 이렇게한다는 이야기가..그럼 차대웅은 헐리웃배우?ㅋ농담이지나쳤다..죄송ㅋ

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1 Response to SeungGi’s tweet # 8 & 9

  1. dewi says:

    so cute seung gi^^

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