Hoi Couple’s Sweet First Kiss

I think a lot of people are totally mesmerized by this kiss, even the press.  There are usually just a few articles that get posted at night (most of the press wait until the morning), but there seem to be at least twice as many today.  I guess they’re just so eager to write about the sweet Hoi kiss that they are willing to sacrifice some sleep. Hehe ^^ But some of them called it a deep kiss.  Hmm, was it?  I better go and replay that scene a few more times, just to make sure. LOL

But could this be the deep kiss SeungGi confessed on Strong Heart? I doubt it, since this kiss scene was definitely filmed after SeungGi’s confession.  Ah, the curiosity is killing me! ^^

I’m too lazy to start a new post for this, but just wanted to share my favorite line from Episode 11 (if I understood it correctly).  When Daewoong was confessing to MiHo by the church: “I like you, not because it’s okay.  It’s okay, because I like you.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article’s headline is actually “MGIG Lee Seung Gi – Shin Min Ah First Kiss, Unsettling Future Forecast.” A little gloomy, so I didn’t use it for my title.

source: maxmovie

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