sbschadaewoong (aka SeungGi)’s tweet #148

If you’re going to do something poorly, then don’t do it! It’s the same with sleep. Rather than dozing off here and there, after staying up for about 40 hours, I don’t know whether I’m sleepy or I’m exhausted. Just now, since it’s My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, we filmed a good nine types[??]. Will be filming again after a break, we’ll do our best for today’s broadcast no matter what! OST daebak!

어설프게할거면 하지마라!잠도똑같다어설피자는것보다 한40시간째깨있다보니 졸린건지피곤한건지모르겠다..방금 내여자친구가구미호라서 좋은아홉가지를 찍고,휴식후또찍어서 오늘방송도 최선을다해만들어보겠슴다!ost 대박

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