sbschadaewoong (aka SeungGi)’s tweet #150

When I slept yesterday, I made a resolution to be sure to get 12 hours of sleep… But it’s cruel to be woken up without fail~ Perhaps until the drama is over, even if I’m given the time, I won’t be able to sleep well. ㅋ Good results came this morning, so I felt good. The ratings was such a surprise today. But in spite of the ratings, personally I’m happier to have endured the filming well this week. ^^

어제잠을자며 반드시12시간숙면을취하리라 다짐했건만 ..어김없이깨는잠에 야속하기까지하네요~아마 드라마끝날때까진 시간줘도 편히못잘듯!ㅋ오늘아침좋은결과가 나와서 기분좋고 오늘은왠일인지 시청률도시청률이지만 이번주를잘버티고 촬영한게 개인적으로는 더기쁘네요^^

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