sbschadaewoong (aka SeungGi)’s tweet #151

Being able to overcome the triplet combo of lack of sleep, lack of time, and storm script, being able to broadcast without a hitch, and getting good results, so I feel energized and very happy ^^!! Thank you to everyone ♥ There is about one week left for me to communicate through tweets… Let’s be together until the end! ㅋ

수면부족,시간부족,폭풍대본까지 이어지는 3단콤보를 잘이겨내고 무사히방송나간것이 결과까지 좋아서 힘이나고 너무기쁘네요^^!!모두들감사해요♥ 앞으로 이트윗으로 소통하는것도 일주일정도..마지막까지 함께해요!ㅋ

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