sbschadaewoong (aka SeungGi)’s tweet #139

[keuinami: You haven’t decided to star in the movie, right??? There are really a lot of talks…]

Whenever I do something, there are always a lot of worries and reservations. Variety shows, MC, drama… ㅋ Whatever I’ll do, I don’t want to be judged yet. So all the fans, don’t make any hasty judgment on me. Please stay with me for a little longer. That will become my strength! Nothing has been decided on the movie yet ^^ Once it’s decided, I’ll let you know. Please relax. ^^

@sbschadaewoong 영화 출연은 결정난거 아닌거지???넘 말들이 많아서리..

@keuinami 제가뭘할땐 수많은걱정과 만류가항상존재했습니다.예능,엠씨,드라마..ㅋ뭘하든지 지금평가받고싶지않기에 모든팬분들이 저에대한 섣부른판단보단 조금만지켜봐주십쇼.그게더힘이됩니다!영화는아무것도결정된게없습니다^^결정되면알려드릴테니안심하세요^^

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