sbschadaewoong (aka SeungGi)’s tweet #155

A clean looking script… In order to do well in episode 16… In order not to regret it… I really read the script of episode 16 many times… I did my best to the end! I’m sorry that the collaboration didn’t go well during the last shoot at ChungAng University. I was not able to express the emotions very well, which was unfortunate! That was my fault! Thank you for your effort. 대본깨끗히보는데..16회 잘하고싶어서..후회하고싶지않아서..정말많이 읽은16회대본..마지막까지최선을다했습니다!마지막중대촬영이협조가잘안되서 좋은감정컷을못쓰는게상당히 아쉽지만!그것도내탓!수.고.하.셨.습.니다

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