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MGIG Press Conference/Interview

I know, this is old, but it just showed up on YT today. Some nice CLOSE-UP (!) shots ^^, and some BTS footages like cody applying eye drops for SeungGi 😦 credit: mediamongu YT

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MGIG Figurines

A picture of this was posted before, but now we have some close-up shots. The details are just amazing! This was a gift from the dclsg fans to SeungGi at their Strong Heart 1 year anniversary event.

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Kolon Sport Print Ad/Photos

I guess these could be the photos from InStyle magazine?

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10.10.21 KAA Awards Ceremony

A lot of similar ones (or might even be the same) ^^

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A sneak peek of November InStyle Magazine

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CF Model Likeability Ranking 2010.09

The hoi couple remains at the top of the chart. ^^ Can’t wait for the KAA awards ceremony today! source: adic

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