December 2003 Vogue Girl

*Updated with more photos*

I’ve seen these pictures before, but I didn’t realize the significance of them. Shame on me! haha

As you know, SeungGi debuted on June 5, 2004. So that means this magazine photo shoot was done before his debut. And we’re looking at a 16-year-old SeungGi. So young and so cute! But it’s also funny that he looked like a little kid wearing grown-up clothes. 😀



credit: dclsg, @shuiqingqing

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4 Responses to December 2003 Vogue Girl

  1. Dimples says:

    Lol, you’re right. He looks like a little kid wearing a grown-up clothes but he looks cute. 🙂

  2. yuri says:

    Awww he look so cute

  3. Dimples says:

    Good thing, Seung Gi’s still cute however the cody dressed him. But I bet if the cody dress him like this today (specially like the 1st 3 pics), Ann will have high blood pressure or might even kill (joke) the cody. LOL

    Oh, I love Seung Gi whatever he wears or however he looks…to me he is still very cute and very handsome.

  4. HopesDD says:

    OMG OMG OMG ❤ super cute, he looks so young and I can see he wasn't used to posing yet which makes him cuter, and like you said "A child wearing grown-up clothes"

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