Letters From Angel 2008

I’m posting these old videos because Ann (LSGfan) is translating one of them. ^^

*Correction: these are all from 2008.*

*Updated with Ann’s translation.*

English translation by: LSGfan.wordpress.com

MC: Photographer Cho Sae Hyun took photographs of celebrities and babies for the Letters from Angel project. Lee Seung Gi also participated in this 6th annual photo exhibit. He’s directed to make eye contact with the baby. And he’s trying hard. But the baby looks away. [laughter]

Reporter: The eye contact thing didn’t seem to work so well.
LSG: The baby is 2 months old. They said his eye focus isn’t fully intact yet. So he didn’t seem to be really looking at me. It’s as if he was looking at me with a dazed look.

MC: But you can see, the baby is staring with bright eyes!

Photog Cho: If the baby senses something cold, he could possibly pee.
LSG: Huh? Ok…
MC: Worried that the baby would get cold, they even used a heat fan. However, his pants got wet! [laughter]
LSG: No wonder! I’ll go change my pants.

Reporter: You holding the baby really suits you.
LSG: Thank you.
Reporter: When do you plan to get married?
LSG: I’m only going to be 23 [22 in American age] next year… I’m still young.
Reporter: Around what age will you marry?
LSG: I told you, I’m still young. [laughter]. Maybe around 32.
Reporter: 32? How about kids?
LSG: [busts out laughing]. I’m not even dating.
Reporter: But still…
LSG: Maybe 2 or 3?
Reporter: 2 or 3? How many sons? Daughters?
LSG: [busts out laughing]. For me, 2 sons and 1 daughter.
Reporter: 2 sons and 1 daughter?

MC: We’ll watch for that.

credit: various sources (sorry, they’ve been sitting in my hard drive for too long)

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