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New Zipel Asak CF

15s version

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, transformed as ‘Human Roof’… Actively engaged in Informant Quiz, ‘explosive laughter’

There are again tons of articles on SeungGi & 1N2D today. The show continues to do well ratings wise (31.9% TNS), and some articles even suggested that it was the effect of SeungGi “showing off superior figure” (LOL) even though … Continue reading

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10.10.31 1N2D cuts

*Updated with more videos* This episode was so much fun!  I have to admit that I liked it more because SeungGi had more screen time. 😛 Unfortunately, the dclsg fans didn’t make that many cuts today. So I actually went … Continue reading

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Which CF models appeared in the highest # of TV CFs in the last year?

I usually don’t post any polls, surveys and whatnot unless SeungGi is the #1, just because there are way too many of those. And even the ones he does top are too numerous to count. 🙂 Anyway, this one is … Continue reading

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