10.10.31 1N2D cuts

*Updated with more videos*

This episode was so much fun!  I have to admit that I liked it more because SeungGi had more screen time. 😛

Unfortunately, the dclsg fans didn’t make that many cuts today. So I actually went ahead and did it on my own.  I think seeing SeungGi’s determination during fishing even when he was so frustrated really motivated me.  LOL  He really doesn’t seem to have much luck with fishing, does he?

SeungGi fishing

SeungGi learning to slice raw fish

“Informant” Game

late-night snack & morning mission

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4 Responses to 10.10.31 1N2D cuts

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  2. Dimples says:

    I’m watching this Ep now even I understand just few words of Korean because it has more LSG screen time :). Can’t wait for the Eng subbed vids.

    Tryp, thanks for sharing. Is it possible for you to include the romanized name of Lee Seung Gi on your header? It would be easier for fans (to locate) like me who does not know how to type Korean. I hope you don’t mind me asking. 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the LSG updates. I do visit your site everyday 🙂 God bless you more.

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry about that. I wasn’t planning to use “이승기” in the header, but when I wrote “Everything Lee Seung Gi”, it was too long and “Gi” got pushed to 2nd line, which didn’t look very nice. I couldn’t figure out how to change the font to make it stay in a single line, so I ended up using “이승기” for aesthetic purpose. LOL

      But if anyone has any tip on adjusting the font/size, please let me know. 🙂

      • Dimples says:

        Oh, don’t be sorry about it. 🙂 We are already thankful for all your LSG updates. I was just thinking that you’ll have more hits if fans can easily locate your site about SeungGi thru English search engines. I can easily have your updates since I follow you on twitter or I just type “Everything Lee Seung Gi” but other international fans (specially new ones) may not be able to. I was trying to search your site on yahoo & googgle by just typing “Lee Seung Gi” only and can’t find on the first page. The thing is, if a fan or anyone search about him, most probably they’ll use his name only.

        I hope somebody can help you with the font so that you can adjust. 🙂 I am actually newbie to this kind of thing. I only started to search blogs about entertainers because of Lee Seung Gi & Charice. These two are my favorite stars in the whole world 🙂 I’m sorry for mentioning other artist here. I was just honest because these two are the reasons I read blogs, registered on twitter and youtube. Before knowing them. I only use internet for reading & watching news and search other topics to my liking but artists or entertainers.

        Again, thank you so very much and God bless you always.

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