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Strong Heart Photos – Ep 53-54

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10.11.30 Volunteer SeungGi – Fanpics

Hope to see more… 🙂

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10.11.30 Strong Heart cuts

Brilliant Legacy reunion: loveline for Hwan and SeungMi? video cut by tryp96

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10.12.01 News Tidbits

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is scheduled to be broadcast on TBS in Japan in January. credit: dclsg 10.11.30 Strong Heart Nielsen ratings: 15.5 (Seoul 17.6) 10.11.30 Strong Heart TNS ratings: 15.8 (Seoul 16.6)

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Lee Seung Gi, “I Love Moon Chae Won to death.” Why the explosive comment?

I haven’t watched this episode yet, but based on the article, it seems that the matchmaker HoDong was hard at work again. He said that SeungGi mentioned on 1n2d how pretty Moon Chae Won was, and SeungGi seemed to have … Continue reading

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10.11.30 News Tidbits

Rumor: According to a dclsg fan who’s not really sure either, SeungGi might have filmed a new Soju CF that would be coming out on Dec 7th. Incidentally, someone else had tweeted earlier that s/he saw SeungGi at her/his company. … Continue reading

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10.11.30 Lotto Commission Happiness Sharing Corps – Event Photos

SeungGi is doing more good deeds. 😀 This time, he and the other volunteers delivered coal and other gifts to needy (elderly and low-income) families in Junggye-dong, Seoul.

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I’ll Give You All – Lee Seung Gi

This is another very nicely edited video from the talented dclsg fans (spice?), compiled from various performances of I’ll Give You All. It’s simply amazing! 😀 credit: dclsg

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MGIG Fanpics

Just a couple of small pictures, and not very clear. 😛 Looks like it was when DaeWoong got hit by the motorcyclist after his car shopping in Episode 5. credit: cyworld

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10.11.28 1N2D SeungGi’s cuts in HD

Try to watch/download these clips soon, before they get deleted. 😛 credit: racena @ YT

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