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10.05.05 Suwon Bluewings halftime show

This is an old event, but a new video has just surfaced, and the quality is really good. And it’s just fun to watch SeungGi with the kids, even though there’s not much footage of that. credit: dclsg

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Top 10 SBS Dramas to Watch Again – Special Preview

The BL part of the special will air on November 10. Can’t wait! 😀 credit: egloos

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Zipel Asak Fan Meeting

Looks like there is a new way for fans to get tickets to next week’s fan meeting, by buying some tupperware. credit: dclsg So this fan meeting is really shaping up to be a huge event. Adding up all the … Continue reading

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To whom would you like to rent out the 2nd floor of your house?

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Lee Seung Gi childhood photos, “grown up warmly”

“just like a warm-hearted guy” Someone posted SeungGi’s childhood photos on an internet community bulletin board, and it has attracted a lot of attention from the netizens. So of course the press has to cover it as well. 😀 And … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi crowned King of Informant Quiz, has he been honing his knife (?) in the meantime?

OK, one more article, just because I like the headline. 😛 I guess this reporter has noticed how SeungGi always does well in various quiz games. Like this last time with the foreigners: source: vop

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Informant Quiz Lee Seung Gi full of gag feel, the secret to shedding HeoDang image is “competitive spirit”

I can’t believe there are still articles coming out on Sunday’s 1n2d episode. This has really been a hot topic. At least some of the newer articles have more creative headlines. 😛 I think this reporter really knows how to … Continue reading

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KB Card Events Galore

LOL, KB Card is really keeping SeungGi busy. Just look at how many events he’s endorsing! 😀

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2010 Hope Concert in Seoul – new poster

Only 20 more days! 😀 credit: dclsg

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The Saem launches 50 stores in 2 months

This is FYI for my fellow fans who are going to Korea this month. 🙂 To celebrate the launching of the 50th store, the Saem is providing online coupons for some free products. But the most important thing is that … Continue reading

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