The Saem launches 50 stores in 2 months

This is FYI for my fellow fans who are going to Korea this month. 🙂

To celebrate the launching of the 50th store, the Saem is providing online coupons for some free products. But the most important thing is that every customer will get a large poster of SeungGi! You can download the coupon here.

source: ebn, the Saem

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2 Responses to The Saem launches 50 stores in 2 months

  1. purple1n2d says:

    tryp, this is bad of me but I am pressing for time, can I ask a favour from you?
    Do you have the address for The Saem store, Kolon Sports store & Fubu store? if you do, can you give it to me?
    I havent work on my itinerary yet. I must find time for it soon!

    • tryp96 says:

      Actually, I haven’t planned my itinerary yet either. I’m hoping to get it done by next week. Once I find out those addresses, I’ll let you know.

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