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Lee Seung Gi, “Master of entertainment Kang Ho Dong, I’m a cut above him in looks.”

The reporter asked SeungGi a sensitive question whether he was better in any aspect than his MC partner HoDong. SeungGi started by saying how great HoDong was at bailing out his hoobaes. But the reporter asked, “How about looks?” Of … Continue reading

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One Night TV Entertainment Screencaps

I’m in the mood for some screencap spam again. 😛

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Lee Seung Gi, “Kiss scene with Shin Min Ah, I trembled all over from feeling burdened.” Confession

I think this is referring to the NG cut of the hoi couple’s first kiss when SeungGi’s lips were trembling. He felt burdened having to do the kiss scene beautifully. He said it was also because there had been a … Continue reading

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10.11.04 SBS One Night TV Entertainment

Can I just say this was way too short?! 😛 And there wasn’t even any footage of SeungGi’s dance practices! I was so looking forward to that part. I think they did too much editing. BUT, SeungGi looked very good … Continue reading

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10.11.03 Will You Marry Me

*video re-uploaded* I’m not sure why the original video was removed. The original dclsg post was also deleted pretty quickly. I hope it’s not a problem with copyrights. Fancam from Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate credit: silverymin YT

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10.10.29 1N2D Fanpics

The first one might be the smallest picture I’ll ever post. haha

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New FUBU Photo

credit: leeseungki.com

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Brilliant Legacy featured in Japanese Magazine

I can’t really make out the name of the magazine from the pictures. “… Traveler”? Anyway, it looks like they did a feature on the filming locations of Brilliant Legacy. The drama has really been a big hit in Japan. … Continue reading

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KB Card Photo

10% off for meat purchases with KB Card? LOL credit: dclsg

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