Angel SeungGi


This is the follow-up to my earlier tweets:

Someone tweeted that “Lee Seung Gi and some KBS reporters are coming today. We’ll have to work hard.”

Dclsg fans think it might be a volunteer service activity or something related to the DongHaeng program.

Turns out that the dclsg fans were absolutely right. It was a project called “Living Environment Improvement Service” for a family of 8 children. As you can see, SeungGi made his famous sweet potato mattang dish for them. He actually brought all the ingredients himself. This service project will be aired on the DongHaeng program in December. Can’t wait to watch it! I’m sure it’s going to be very touching! 🙂

credit: dclsg

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2 Responses to Angel SeungGi

  1. sara says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhh angel seung ki.tnx 4 the post

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