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KB Sharing Corps?

As posted earlier, angel SeungGi participated in a volunteer service project last Saturday. Here is more follow-up. 🙂 “KB Sharing Corps” was the title of the short fan (?) account, so I guess KB is a sponsor of the project? … Continue reading

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, falling to his knees in front of elementary school student ‘Emperor’s humiliation’

The headline here is definitely exaggerating a little. But SeungGi’s reaction after he lost to the little boy was just priceless. 😆 And it was so sweet of SeungGi to hug the little boy afterwards. The little boy seemed so … Continue reading

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Kolon Sport Event

“Windstopper 1N2D Event” But this doesn’t seem to be related to the 1N2D show. The winners get to go trekking on the Jeju island for 1 night and 2 days. 🙂 credit: kolon sport  

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Fancam – I Will Forget

SeungGi has performed this song several times, including a duet version with Yoon Do Hyun on radio. This is an old fancam, but I’ve never seen it before. Looks like it was at one of those college festivals. The clip … Continue reading

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, “What is cuttlefish pumpkin taffy?” Puzzled

So SeungGi is being heodang again. 😛 1N2D was originally planning to go to Ulleungdo. This island is well known for  its cuttlefish and pumpkin taffy. But SeungGi misunderstood it to be a single entity as in “cuttlefish-pumpkin taffy.” So … Continue reading


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10.11.07 1N2D cuts

SeungGi being heodang

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