10.11.10 News Tidbits

OK, I’ve decided to make some changes in my tweeting/blogging. 🙂

One of the reasons I moved from tumblr to wordpress was for its better search function. It was getting too difficult to even search for my own old posts on tumblr. And now I’ve had enough with the same problem of searching for my own old tweets. So to take better advantage of wordpress, I’ve decided to create this new corner “news tidbits.” Basically, I’ll still be tweeting random things, but I’ll also post them here for record-keeping. And whenever twitter acts up, this will be my home base (and actually this does feel more like “home” 🙂 ). So this might be my first step in transitioning from tweeting to blogging.

So here I go, with my very first “news tidbits” post (NOTE: the date of each post will be based on Korean standard time):

Reminder: Top 10 SBS Drama Special – Brilliant Legacy segment will be aired today (Nov 10) at 7pm KST.

Jung SukWon (Hwan’s friend in BL) was also on SH yesterday, “Lee Seung Gi is my student (in martial arts).” (Apparently, he has a black belt in martial arts, and used to be a stuntman.)

10.11.09 Strong Heart Nielsen ratings: 19.5 (Seoul 21.8)

10.11.09 Strong Heart TNS ratings: 18.2 (Seoul 19.4)

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