10.11.11 News Tidbits

Shin MinAh has a fan meeting on Dec 11 at 2pm. A dclsg fan says she heard a rumor that SeungGi might be a special guest (but then she said she wasn’t too sure, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see).

Singer Kim Kyung Ho, “I’m proud of Lee Seung Gi’s remake of my song.”
The song he’s referring to is ‘People Who Make Me Sad’ in SeungGi’s 2nd remake album (When a Man Loves a Woman Vol. 2).

Moon Chae Won was one of the guests recording Strong Heart today. BL reunion! ^^

SeungGi is currently #11. ^^  “2010 Melon Music Awards” opens its first round of online votes http://t.co/hNazeN0 via @allkpop

Lee Seung Gi was thought to be rude because of “Shining Inheritance”
http://t.co/pKd4wkE via @allkpop

I uploaded the BL Special video on megavideo but I can’t figure out how to embed it on WP, so I’ll just post the link here:
10.11.10 Top 10 SBS Dramas Viewers Would Like to Re-Watch: Brilliant Legacy (complete video)

Happy Birthday to Ms. Lee Sun Hee!
Airens will forever be grateful to you for discovering and training the singer Lee Seung Gi. 😀

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