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10.11.13 News Tidbits

Someone close to SeungGi said in an interview, “He’s busy preparing for the concert and the ALBUM.” The 5th album?! OMG! 😀

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Fierce competition among ‘acting-dols’… Who will be ‘the next Lee Seung Gi’?

I remember there was a similar article earlier this year talking about the various idols trying to achieve the “triple crown.” The exact same question was asked, “Who will be the next Lee Seung Gi?” So I guess things haven’t … Continue reading

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2008.12 1N2D BTS photos

Ah, the good old days. 😀

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10.11.12 tvN E News – Lee Seung Gi Back Hug

credit: dclsg

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10.10.29 1N2D BTS photos

A few more pictures have surfaced:

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Cha Dae Woong photos

I don’t remember seeing this picture before. And I do miss Cha Dae Woong. 😛 I think my memory is just failing me. 😆 But I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this set of fanpics before (since they aren’t in … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi as an actor specializing in rich family’s son? … Netizens “Because he’s born to be noble.”

Apparently, this has been a hot topic online and there have been quite a few articles on this after the broadcast of the BL special on Wednesday. Netizens have pointed out a lot of similarities between Hwan and DaeWoong in … Continue reading

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YakHyeon Cathedral, emerging as a tourist attraction in dramas… “Where on earth is it?”

You may not have heard the name before (it’s also known as Jungnim Cathedral), but this cathedral should be familiar to all the MGIG fans.  This is where DaeWoong finally confessed to MiHo with SeungGi singing “I Love You From … Continue reading

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