Best Kiss Scenes on SBS

Sorry, MGIG fans, the hoi couple’s kisses did not make the list. I think they might have done the survey before MGIG finished broadcasting. Just my theory. 😀

Anyway, SBS has done a series of special programs to celebrate its 20th anniversary. This particular one is ranking the kiss scenes from all the SBS dramas.

So here is the #3 best kiss scene (of all time 😀 ):

Just FYI, #2 was from All In, and #1 was from Lovers in Paris.

source: newsen

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2 Responses to Best Kiss Scenes on SBS

  1. MMM says:

    yaayyy.. I ♥ hwansung. 😀

  2. MMM says:

    hoi couple kisses are sweet.
    but to me, hwan-sung kiss is the most touching kiss scene all of time 😀
    I’m almost crying everytime I watched the bridge kissing scene.

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