10 Responses to My Seoul Trip, Part III

  1. jude says:

    i just wake up from bed and the first time opened my eyes i ran into my laptop & checked was your twitter post immediately.hehehe hile i was reading your post it seems like im with you…im very excited for this big day ^_^ tryp hope to watch you on cam..^_^

    Good luck & take care ..

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    It seems all the international attention (from fans of K-pop, admirers of K-culture, etc.) still takes most Koreans by surprise. If they only knew the depth and strength of the affection…

    Yeah, those “walk for 5 min and you can’t miss it” kind of directions are really useless. Misleading too. Just make sure you don’t get lost on the way to the concert!


  3. reglest says:

    What made me real glad with this new gadget is I could access your blog anytime, anywhere!

    The world seem so small, don’t you think? ,ow is D-day! I envy you sooo much, just delivering our love for himM

    And I’ll be really glad if you share the concert toon of course.
    Thank you tryp!

  4. LSGfan.wordpress.com says:

    omg, your posts are getting more and more hilarious! meaning, I love them and i’m laughing out loud at what an amazing Seunggi fan you are! Tryp, you’re awesome! as are the other fans visiting all the seunggi spots.

    omg, i’m starting to think that i’m a very bad fan. I don’t think I would’ve been very good about going to all those places! it really is like a seunggi field trip! omg, i love reading about it!

    make sure to breathe a lot before the concert! I’m seriously worried you’re going to literally faint! ^___^ big hugs!

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  6. Hikary25 says:

    OMG thanks so much I really like your live update… haha totally want to be with you there haha

    You find the church aigoo it looks so pretty!!! I want to go!!!

    THANKS for not forgeting about us.. . .

    Can’t wait to read live update of the concert aaaaah really

  7. icesee says:

    I’m having goosebumps while reading your blog! Please say hi to Seung Gi for me! :))

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  9. joannalissa says:

    wow.. i sooo envy you.. but congrats for being able to attend the concert.. wish i was there too.. 🙂

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