10.11.26 News Tidbits

1N2D filming summarized by a dc1n2d fan: This trip’s concept is “city tour” with each of the members touring a different city. The opening was filmed in Daejeon. SeungGi and the maknae writer went to Busan by KTX. After he had some fish cake and red bean porridge in the International Market area, he went to Bosudong and also climbed up the Yongdusan tower. He then met up with Lee Dae Ho at Kyungnam High School and brought him samgyetang. Afterward, he went to Ulsan and joined Kim JoongMin. The base camp was rumored to be the Donghaksa Temple in Daejeon. And the closing will be filmed in front of the KBS station in Daejeon.

SeungGi and HoDong were seen eating roasted clams at Taejongdae in Busan.

SeungGi might be spending the night in Busan, alone.

SeungGi had also met with Lee Dae Ho (baseball player) at Kyungnam High School and had samgyetang.

SeungGi is now at the Yongdusan Park in Busan.

SeungGi took the subway to Bosudong. But wouldn’t it be faster to just walk, based on this map? ^^ http://yfrog.com/2g9xs0j credit: dclsg

How many places can SeungGi be at one time? Now there’s a tweet saying he’s at the Bosudong Book Street in Busan.

SeungGi might have gone to the Ulsan Girls High School with KJM.

SeungGi was seen eating tteokbokki in Nampodong, Busan. He then went to the International Market. cr: @DC_SeungGall

OMG, dclsg fans are hilarious! “A 24 year-old man from Seoul has gone missing at the Busan Station. Please help us locate Lee Seung Gi. He was wearing padding (?) and a hat.”

According to a dclsg fan, the 1N2D team was filming at the Daejeon KTX Station. They were taking a train to Busan, but SeungGi was left behind?!

The Saem fan signing has been postponed indefinitely, due to the war with N Korea. cr: @joanne_0113

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