Lee Seung Gi, “I Love Moon Chae Won to death.” Why the explosive comment?

I haven’t watched this episode yet, but based on the article, it seems that the matchmaker HoDong was hard at work again. He said that SeungGi mentioned on 1n2d how pretty Moon Chae Won was, and SeungGi seemed to have given up and went along with the love line.

source: maxmovie

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, “I Love Moon Chae Won to death.” Why the explosive comment?

  1. joannalissa says:

    we all know it’s just a joke, right? 🙂 i don’t think Seung Gi would have the guts to tell someone he likes on National TV as he always wanted to keep his personal life private. now, that’s a relief. LOL

  2. joice says:

    It seems Strong Heart wouldn’t be interesting without making “scandal” between Lee Seung Gi and their female guest haha..

    I’d be happier if Han Hyo Joo become SH guest & Kang Ho Dong will make a love line between hyojoo and seunggi. and let the love line become real ♥♥♥

    btw, now, after, minah and chaewoon. I really want to see hyojoo on strong heart. I love seunggi-chaewoon too, but I’m more interested in the reunion of seunggi-hyojoo XDDD

  3. mtam225 says:

    chae won seems very Boring!!!
    she never laugh or smile when seung gi say something..
    Han hyo joo and seung gi are good friend more than chae won..

  4. suncine says:

    Part of me really wished HHJ will be a guest soon but my other part seem to say it is unlikely it would happen anytime sooner.Ke…ke…

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