10.11.21 Hope Concert Fan Event

This event was co-organized by SeungSunLove Cafe, SeungSunLove in Japan, and China Cafe. Besides various gifts, they also prepared the pre-concert dinner for SeungGi, Teacher SunHee, and the concert staff.

This was actually my very first time contributing money for a fan event, so that really made everything in the pictures much more special to me. 😀 I hope SeungGi enjoyed his dinner! 😀

China Cafe’s huge banner

Some pictures from our lunch gathering

Flower basket for SeungGi

Dinner for the staff

Dinner for SeungGi

Dinner for Teacher SunHee (everything was pretty much the same, except for the packaging :P)

Some gifts

Banners and flower wreaths

credit: China Cafe

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1 Response to 10.11.21 Hope Concert Fan Event

  1. Hikary25 says:

    Aigoo COngratulations Airens for such a BEAUTIFUL Event!!! I have never contribute in any fan event before since this is my first time I have like a star so much [Lee seung gi♥] I will want to be able to help in some event like this so I’m totally happy seung gi fans really love him dearly ^^

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