My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Director’s Cut DVD


Release Date: December 28 (in Korea; hopefully it’ll be available on YesAsia soon after that 😀 )
Price: 110,000 won (8 disc)

The package includes:
* Photo Diary 2012
* Stickers
* Uncut Director’s Cut Original Conti(?) -70p expected
* Interviews (Shin Min Ah, Lee Seung Gi, CG Director), commentaries, making

credit: dclsg

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8 Responses to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Director’s Cut DVD

  1. hoihoi lovers says:

    annyeong chinnggu. thanks for the info 🙂 cant wait for the release!

  2. K4Ice4Thu says:

    Look at all the goodies…. *eyes* 110,000 won…but so worth it!! Wonder if it’ll be subbed at all..
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. yon says:

    Thanks chingu..

    Have been waiting for this for a “long time”…

    Maybe Innolife might be selling too… i will write to them and check

  4. yon says:

    Yesasia and Innolife is selling it! Yesasia is selling it at US$129.99, Innolife is ard US$134(if i didn’t remember wrongly).. but Innolife price does not include shipping costs whereas yesasia usually is free shipping if it exceed their minimum order amount(US$39)..

    Release date is 6th jan 2011 for yesasia.

    Looks like yesasia is cheaper..

  5. yuoi says:

    hi Tryp! Thanx for info!
    I have a question..
    Will be DVD coded only for asian countries? Coz I’m in Moscow, Russia, and I’ve never bought DVD like this, and dont know if I ll have a possibility to watch it.
    But I have a feeling that anyway I ll buy it ^^

    • tryp96 says:

      Unfortunately, this DVD set will be coded for Region 3 (which is South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and parts of SE Asia). I live in Region 1, so I was actually thinking about buying one of those region free DVD players. But there are probably other ways available to play those DVDs outside of Region 3. 😛

      • yuoi says:

        thank you for answer, Tryp!
        of course it’s dissapointing to me but I think I will find the way to watch it!

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