The Golden Age of “Year of Rabbit 87ers” Has Arrived

I don’t translate articles (other than the headlines :P) verbatim very often, because it just takes too much work. I’m posting this one only because it’s a slow news day. But I will not be a happy camper if this gets plagiarized (meaning using any parts as your own!) or posted elsewhere without proper crediting.

“Singer – Actor – Entertainer” Lee Seung Gi expected to be highly active

Taking up the title of “nation’s son-in-law” following “nation’s son” and “nation’s younger brother,” the hunnam star Lee Seung Gi is expected to continue being actively engaged in the new year.

With sweet voice and natural acting, variety sense that’s full of wit, after gaining great popularity through variety programs 1 Night 2 Days (KBS2) and Strong Heart (SBS), Lee Seung Gi has also been recognized for his acting talents through the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

While being active as the Samsung Zipel Asak kimchi fridge’s model for 2 years in a row, he has easily solidified his position as the best CF model, both in name and reality.

source: fnn

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12 Responses to The Golden Age of “Year of Rabbit 87ers” Has Arrived

  1. ling says:

    Thanks for your translation, I know it is not a easy work and everyone should respect the effort.

  2. waiyi says:

    i felt disappointed!!
    i don’t like hearing plagiarized again!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!

    i felt shameful when he is plagiarized.. people thought he is not the best singer who always plagiarized twice now..

    i hope 5th album is not plagiarized..

    • tryp96 says:

      Uhm, I think there is a misunderstanding here. I was talking about other people plagiarizing my translations.

      And shameful?! Seriously, no real fans would think about SeungGi in that way regarding the plagiarism issue. We all know he’s a wonderful singer. It’s just unfortunate that two of his songs faced plagiarism controversy.

      If you really consider yourself a SeungGi’s fan, could you please be more supportive of him?

  3. waiyi says:


    i am Seung gi fan!

    but korean people always call him a ” BUBBLE ”

    what does that mean?? -_-




    can you explain what that mean? i felt sad when i read those comments from daum article related to Seung gi

    • tryp96 says:

      I have no idea why people would call him “bubble.” What’s the Korean word?

      But my sincere advice for you would be to stop reading the anti fans’ comments (which are usually ignorant and baseless). Focus on the positive.

  4. joannalissa says:

    how can someone like Seung Gi have anti’s? must be because their so-called IDOL has been overshadowed by Seung Gi talents and charm! HA! keep hatin’, LSG will dominate them all! LOL.. going back to plagiarism of songs, it was never his fault (if it indeed was true), it was the songwriter’s i guess.. he’s just given a piece to perform.. 😀

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear tryp96,
    Thank you very much for setting the record straight with some weired so-called fans.
    I don’t understand why someone would claim to be a fan but grab every chance to spread rumors in positively supportive fan sites. The act is poisonous!
    Agree with joannalissa – this must be some desperate moves out of jealousy.

  6. waiyi says:

    i know~~ i Hate korean article..!!!!!

    why did they have to made open for everyone to write comments..

    i can’t go out and find a job..
    because i wanted to read article about seung gi..
    every time when daum article uploaded seung gi..
    always calling him a ” BUBBLE ” i felt hating reading this name!!

    cant korean manager close daum article instead of cyworld article..?

    • sara says:

      sorry but you are not a real you can be a fan and write the antifans opinions here? your comments should be supportive even if the angel makes please don’t repeat anti fans(if there are any) opinions unless you are not a fan.for his fans he is not only a talented artist but a real human or it’s better to say an angel

  7. reglest says:

    @waiyi: I’m sorry. But I can’t believe you as his fans. Throughout all Seung Gi’s fansite you spread anti’s comments, sorry, and many of us has been annoyed and bothered by you. And related to this article, It seem you don’t read it all but jumping into comments -you just want to commenting, but not read the full article? Ridiculous-
    Daum antifans too many? Then stop read it!

    @tryp: thank you for sharing here! I love they call him hunnam, so much suits him

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