10.12.09 Golden Disc Awards – Lee Seung Gi


Digital Single Bonsang – Love Taught Me To Drink

SeungGi’s interview (& falling off his chair)

credit: BigBangSHINeeWorld6 @ YT

SeungGi patiently waiting ๐Ÿ˜›

credit: dclsg

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8 Responses to 10.12.09 Golden Disc Awards – Lee Seung Gi

  1. shunliwei says:


  2. tata says:

    Thanks for sharing Tryp and congratulation for Seung Gi..2 years in row winning digital bonsang.

    But he looks pale.Hope he is okay.

  3. waiyi says:

    what did he say? ><

  4. ara says:

    Congratulation Seunggi!! You deserved it!!!

  5. prella says:

    congratulations seung gi ahh~~ i’m so sorry to say this but i have read in soompi that seung gi fell off his chair! omg.. poor seung gi..

  6. osi says:

    Congratulation to Seung Gi. Thanks tryp.

  7. yuoi says:

    thank you!
    Congratulations to Seung Gi!
    Seung Gi is so cutuuuute while he was falling. I dont know how but this guy makes everything in his own cute way, even falling!

  8. K4Ice4Thu says:

    Congrats to Seung Gi!

    and lols..Seung Gi can even make falling off a chair look so funny and yet so cute – he just pops up like a daisy afterwards XDD

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