10.12.10 News Tidbits

SeungGi is gracing the cover of another Japanese magazine (to be released on Dec 22).

credit: dclsg

For MGIG fans in Asia, the DVD will be available on innolife for $134 with free delivery: http://bit.ly/fivPeH Thanks to Yon for the info!

1N2D is currently filming the opening in front of KBS (in Seoul this time).

SeungGi dressed warmly for 1n2d: http://twitpic.com/3ehm68

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8 Responses to 10.12.10 News Tidbits

  1. yon says:

    hai~~~~~~ why it wasn’t 2 weeks ago??? arrrgggghhhhhh

  2. waiyi says:


    will seung gi winning MELON AWARD??

    it is not fair yesterday at golden disk award..

    the group singers get to win 3 awards.. why not seung gi??

    will he be winning melon award too???

    • tryp96 says:

      Why wasn’t it fair? I don’t know much about the other singers/idol groups to say how many awards they deserve. But it’s important to step back and look at the whole picture here. SeungGi did not promote any of his songs this year, yet he managed to win a bonsang. Personally, I am very happy and SATISFIED already that he got that ONE award. Plus, he’s already won the MelOn Top 10 Award. Let’s not ask too much, okay? 😛

    • osi says:

      We have to be grateful for everything got by Seung Gi. And don’t you think it’s so great he won this award without having enough time to promote the song? He’s sooo busy this year. And you don’t need to compare him (a soloist) with others (group singers). As tryp said, I’m so happy and satisfied with what he got.

  3. waiyi says:

    FROM Melon site..

    SNSD winning 5 awards.. ????

    Seung gi only won melon 1 award???

    that’s not fair to me..

  4. Gen Wong says:

    I’m more than satisfied too. This year has been a wonderful year for him. All the big awards he got. Baeksang, Seoul International, Advertising, Singing…if only he can get at least one from the SBS awards too, then that would complete this year for him. He is just amazing and loved by everyone!

  5. ling says:

    oh….I gonna buy the DVD since I am in Hong Kong and can paid it easily^^so happy…thanks tryp!

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