10.12.18 News Tidbits

The 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards is getting ready to open its polls. There are 2 awards fans can vote for: Netizens’ Popularity Award and Viewers’ Choice Popular Program Award. http://tv.sbs.co.kr/2010entertain/ Stay tuned for more details.

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4 Responses to 10.12.18 News Tidbits

  1. yumiko says:

    how come i can’t enter anything yet?

    when is the voting??

    i’m not voting Seung gi MC.

    if he win the MC award.. people would curse him more..

  2. yumiko says:

    i’m not voting Strong heart at all..

    Drama award is more important to Seung gi!!!!!

    VOTE for popular actor of Seung gi!!!!!!!

  3. joannalissa says:

    why would people curse him? I don’t get you. If Seung Gi wins, that’s because people LIKED him and his MC-ing style. Im Seung Gi all the way no matter what others say or think..

  4. joannalissa says:

    and so what if he’s going against veteran MC’s ( with due respect to Kang Ho Dong), it is never his fault IF he EVER wins. :p

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