Hyun Bin – Lee Seung Gi, same outfit – different charm? ‘Chic vs dandy’

The comparison photos have been circulating online for a few days now, but they finally made the news today. 😆

source: tvreport

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6 Responses to Hyun Bin – Lee Seung Gi, same outfit – different charm? ‘Chic vs dandy’

  1. exemi says:

    when i watch secret garden..i already realized that seunggi and hyunbin wearing the same outfit..both of them look good..^_^

  2. osi says:

    I read that kwon sang woo also wearing the same outfits.^^

    • tryp96 says:

      I tried to send you an email but your address didn’t work. Anyway, I had to edit your comment slightly but it had nothing to do with you. So I hope you won’t be offended by it. Sorry.

      • osi says:

        Oh, no problem tryp.I understand. So sorry. That email didn’t work, and I didn’t know what’s wrong. I could sign in, but I couldn’t access my email. I never open it again. So I created a new one. And my bad, I forgot to change my email with the new one here. Sorry.

  3. sara says:

    our angel is a different story.he is good in everything.i first saw him in this outfit.naturally i think it suits him better.to be honest,i ‘m a biased seung ki fan but i don’t like hyun bin at all and this affects my judgment to not see hyun bin’s charm at all.still i think seung ki is better in this outfit

  4. joannalissa says:

    not being bias here, but I honestly think Seung Gi wore it better 😀 and yeah, I saw Kwon sang Woo wore it too.. not sure though if it was the one drama with Choi Ji Woo.. :-/

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