Lee Seung Gi – Kim Yuna, 2010 Consumer Preferred CF Model #1

Translation: tryp96.wordpress

Singer and talent Lee Seung Gi and figure skater Kim Yuna have been voted as the CF models who received the most love from the consumers this year.

According to the survey results of CF model preferences released on the 23rd by the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation, for the 1st half of the year, Kim Yuna was #1 with 22.3% (of the votes), and Lee Seung Gi was #2 with 5.4%. But Lee Seung Gi turned the tables during the 2nd half of the year. Lee Seung Gi received the support of 11.1% and was #1, and Kim Yuna swapped places and was #2 (10.4%).

The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation has been conducting the CF Model Preference Survey every year since 1999, targeting 6000 consumers nationwide.

source: isplus

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