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2010 Distinguished Talent – Best 10

*talent = actor/actress SeungGi is only ranked #7, but considering his young age and limited acting experiences, I’m very happy to see him on the list along with so many top veterans. 😀 credit: dclsg

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Strong Heart Ep 57 MC Photos

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10.12.27 News Tidbits

The poll for the Netizens’ Popularity Award at the SBS Drama Awards is finally open. Please vote here. You can vote only once per ID. And please don’t forget to vote for the SBS Entertainment Awards and the SBS NeTV … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi, perfect impersonation of PD Na… “Wistful ‘ding’ No~ Excited and filled with glee and joy ‘DING!'”

This is a related article. 😛 It all started with a bet between PD Na and the members.

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, perfect PD Na Young Seok impersonation show… ‘PD Na convulsing with laughter’

This was definitely the highlight of today’s episode. And I think this is why SeungGi totally deserves the Top Excellence Award! 😀 You’re missing out if you haven’t watched it yet. 😛 Click here

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10.12.25 KBS Entertainment Awards Fancam

credit: dclsg

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10.12.25 KBS Entertainment Awards Fanpics

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10.12.25 1N2D cuts

1 bak 2 il!

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