10.12.25 1N2D cuts

1 bak 2 il!

Na SeungGi PD

SeungGi waking up

more to come…


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5 Responses to 10.12.25 1N2D cuts

  1. neko-83 says:

    thank so much^^

  2. shunliwei says:

    看过了。。。Thank you!

  3. pooh says:

    do you know background music in cut #8 , please

  4. yon says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha….i had a very very good laugh at the impersonating of PD Na….

    the best part was Seung Gi came in with a haversack just like PD Na & dressed like PD Na (borrowed his yellow jacket…haha)..

    The only thing that SGi failed is having PD Na broad face….hahahahahahahahaha….

    Ddaeng!!!!!!! hahaha….next time if we had a chance to see PD Na, we will go Ddaeng!!! ^___^

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