10.12.27 News Tidbits

The poll for the Netizens’ Popularity Award at the SBS Drama Awards is finally open. Please vote here. You can vote only once per ID.
And please don’t forget to vote for the SBS Entertainment Awards and the SBS NeTV Awards.

According to a survey by the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation, SeungGi’s KB Good Day Card CF was the #2 Consumer Preferred CF for last month. Interestingly, the #1 CF was a Shinhan Bank CF starring Colleen Park, who just won the Special Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards for her participation in Qualifying Men.

10.12.26 1N2D single rating: 37.3%; peak rating: 43.7% during the rock-paper-scissors for doing the dishes

10.12.26 TNS ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 26.6 (Seoul 26.3) #14 1n2d rerun 10.0 (Seoul 9.4)

10.12.26 Nielsen ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 27.3 (Seoul 27.9) #15 1n2d rerun 10.4 (Seoul 10.6)

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