2010 Distinguished Talent – Best 10

*talent = actor/actress

SeungGi is only ranked #7, but considering his young age and limited acting experiences, I’m very happy to see him on the list along with so many top veterans. 😀

credit: dclsg

This is an annual survey of about 1700 people (over the age of 13) nationwide conducted by Gallup Korea (a top research company).

#1 Go Hyun Jung
#2 Lee Beom Soo
#2 Kim Nam Joo
#4 Kwon Sang Woo
#5 Hyun Bin
#6 Rain
#7 Lee Seung Gi
#8 Jung Bo Suk
#9 Go Doo Shim
#10 Lee Sun Jae

Go Hyun Jung, who was actually SeungGi’s acting teacher, has topped the survey for 2 years in a row. Congratulations!

source: bntnews

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