10.12.28 Strong Heart cuts


SeungGi reacting to his Daesang nomination

credit: dclsg

Hopefully there will be more to come… I’m still waiting for the couple dance. 😛

Since the dclsg fans are not posting any more clips, I went ahead and made my own cuts. 😛 These are the major ones I know of, based on the news articles.

SeungGi and Kim AhJoong’s couple dance (seems like they were actually acting out a scenario given by the Sign PD)

Kim AhJoong would like to act with SeungGi

credit: tryp96

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7 Responses to 10.12.28 Strong Heart cuts

  1. waiyi says:

    aww. i wanna watch more clips..
    is there more?

  2. shunliwei says:


  3. yon says:

    Seung Gi is getting more and more natural when asked to dance… hahaha…

    even though he still looks funny with all these spontaneous request, he still looks cute… haha….

  4. LSGfan.wordpress.com says:

    Tryp thx so much for uploading these cuts! i love these cuts so much… because I am in love with seunggi’s hair and what he’s wearing! ha ha ha. it’s been a while since i’ve felt that way so this ep is extra special! plus, Ahjoong was really cute too!

  5. Jany says:

    i love Seung Gi oppa’s dance move… thou awkward movements but nomu nomu nomu nomu CUTE and manly when he took off his jacket…. how i wish the dance will last longer… who knows he may unbutton his white shirt… hehehe

  6. nomoyepo says:

    hello ! tryp,some fan account in dclg said that seung will be lee sun hee guest in new york next year..is this a good news ?

    • tryp96 says:

      Oh, yeah, that’s great news! In fact, it’s the best news I’ve heard since Concert X got canceled last year. 😛

      And not to make anyone jealous, but an angel has already gotten the concert tickets for me. 😀

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