KBS DongHaeng Preview

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credit: kbs/donghaeng

So besides lending his voice, looks like SeungGi will be appearing on DongHaeng in person as well tomorrow. 😀

Just as an added bonus, I read this 10asia reporter’s comment with the DongHaeng narration news yesterday:

Now that his variety sense learned from the Siberian Wild Tiger has been proved without doubt, let’s see what skills he’s learned from Kim C eomma.

Well, we all know SeungGi is a model student, and I’m pretty sure Kim C taught him well. I’m totally looking forward to SeungGi’s narration! 😀

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3 Responses to KBS DongHaeng Preview

  1. tata says:

    Really can’t wait for his narration. It will totally Daebak.
    Right now i am starting to imagine his voice for narration kkkkkk

  2. Nat says:

    may i know isit possible to watch this online?

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