Lee Seung Gi “If I receive the Entertainment Daesang, I’ll return it.” Bombshell announcement

So HoDong brought up the fact that SeungGi got nominated for the SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang. SeungGi said he was shocked and burst out laughing when he saw the news and wondered why he was there (on the list). Then he said he would return the award if he somehow got it. People in the audience were like “No, you can’t!” HoDong said, “But it’s an award given by the people.” So SeungGi responded, “Well, if they REALLY give it to me, I can only accept it then.” 😆

source: maxmovie

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9 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “If I receive the Entertainment Daesang, I’ll return it.” Bombshell announcement

  1. yon says:

    hahaha…what a witty guy our Seung Gi is… that is a very intelligent answer to Ho Dong question…

    I think our reporters will be very interested in interviewing him….

  2. waiyi says:

    Seung gi loves to go on internet..
    he usually reads bad comments about him..
    i understand it..

    thats why he’s saying he wanted to return back that award.
    i hate the korean people always curse Seung gi from having alot of award this year..

    • tryp96 says:

      Waiyi, please don’t be so negative all the time. It really does affect the rest of us in an unpleasant way. I’m sure you love SeungGi as much as everyone else here, but you’re not showing it in a constructive manner.

      I don’t like doing it, but I may have to start deleting your comments. 😦

  3. AnnMichelle says:


    I HATE you for spreading those bad comments here. Could you please stop it! Go live a more positive life!

  4. dewi says:


    I just do not understand why you can join with us??!!
    Honestly I am really angry when I read your comment, Can you just stop them, don’t you have a little shame for being here,,,,we as seung gi fans do not accept you at all,,,,
    and of course I hate you so much,,,,,
    tryp,,,do you have an access to block someone from your blog?? I am starting to get irritated wit this person!!!!

  5. reglest says:

    Those comments reflect all, I don’t get you Waiyi. Ever since I step in every Seung Gi fan’s blog, I found that most of your comments always irritating!
    I’ve said before that I’m doubting you as Seung Gi’s fans right? And your comment above make me doubt you more!

    We all know that is joke,hello! A great respond and all for our Seung Gi, not related to bad comments or else!

  6. yon says:

    mmm….i’m not the only 1 who thinks the same as everyone here….

    waiyi posted in lsgfan.wordpress sometimes too, negatively too.. what’s wrong with the kids nowsaday?

    • osi says:

      Yes, you’re not the only one, Yon. I also found waiyi in lsgfan. And I think she (or he?) sometimes used different name.

  7. aniaa says:

    i m a bit late to got to know seung gi, started to fall in love with him since brillant legacy..1n2d..mgig. never taught tht he has a wonderful voice. seung gi deserve the award.

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