11.01.01 News Tidbits

Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you all good health, happiness and success in 2011! And another daebak year for SeungGi! 😀

Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate will be airing a New Year Encore Special on Sunday night (Jan 2) at 12:20 AM (midnight). SeungGi is listed as one of the guests, so it probably means we’ll finally get to see his encore performance of Love Taught Me to Drink. 😀

10.12.31 Nielsen ratings: #4 SBS Drama Awards Part 2: 17 (Seoul 18.1), #6 SBS Drama Awards Part 1: 14.6 (Seoul 15.1)
KBS Drama Awards (3 parts): 12.8, 15.1 & 14; MBC Gayo Festival part 1: 10.8 (part 2 not in top 20)

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5 Responses to 11.01.01 News Tidbits

  1. neko-83 says:

    Happy New Year to Tryp,Seung Gi and airen fan ^^

  2. yon says:

    so surprised to know that KBS Drama Award rating is lower than SBS Drama Award….

    KBS has JYJ, Yoon Si Yoon and many other stars… i thought more will tune in to KBS.haha..

    Anyway, congratulation to SBS!! and also to Seung Gi….though i wish he had won the netizen popularity award…

  3. idea says:

    happy new year tryp! thank you for your hard work to keep us updated about uri Seunggi. wish you good health, happiness and success to in 2011!

  4. chessy03 says:

    all 3 awards seunggi attend got the highest rating among its competitor right? is this what they called seunggi effect..haha

  5. Eva says:

    Happy New Year to you too Tryp96!!! I hope you don’t get tired of giving us updates about Lee Seung Gi!!! Wishing you a prosperous and blessed new year!!!

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