11.01.03 News Tidbits

Someone tweeted that s/he met SeungGi while passing by the Omotesando Hills in Tokyo. There was a picture posted, but no sign of SeungGi in the picture. 😛 Could SeungGi possibly be on a long overdue vacation? Or is he just there to promote MGIG (since TBS is starting the broadcast next week)? Or was it really SeungGi this person saw in Tokyo?

11.01.02 1n2d single rating: 33.0%; peak rating: 38.8% during Lee SuGuen’s successful rematch

11.01.02 TNS ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 22.9 (Seoul 23.7), #17 1n2d rerun 10.6 (Seoul 10.4)

11.01.02 Nielsen ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 23.3 (Seoul 24.9), #18 1n2d rerun 9.9 (Seoul 10.5)

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