1N2D Lee Seung Gi, girlfriend? “I always think about it.”


You can watch the cut here.

SeungGi was traveling with YeYang (?) from Myanmar for the Foreign Worker Special. This is my very rough translation of their conversation in the car:

YY: Are you married?
SG: Me?! No. I don’t even have a girlfriend yet.
YY: But you’re so famous, why…?
SG: There are a lot of famous people who don’t have girlfriend/boyfriend. I’m working hard.
YY: Do you think about it (having a girlfriend)?
SG: I think about it all the time!

Poor SeungGi. 😛

source: xportsnews, tvdaily

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37 Responses to 1N2D Lee Seung Gi, girlfriend? “I always think about it.”

  1. yumiko says:

    aww.. i hope he had a girlfriend now..

  2. Eva says:

    who ever his future girlfriend will be is a very lucky person 😀

  3. Roshiridzu says:


  4. Yon says:

    Poor boy….

    Seems like all the entertainment guys of his age are wishing for a girlfriend..lee min ho and song joong ki have openly saying that too…

    These boys must be envying their friends who have girlfriends now.

  5. suncine says:

    Ha,,,From his facial and eye expression it is just a PR stunt. haha Not to worry,,,He clearly wants to keep that part private.And he should.. Same with the other celebrity. This is a safe answer…..

    • iiiivvvvyyyy says:

      Dear LEE SEUNG GI,
      I wish your girlfriend is SHIN MIN AH.. i like you and Shin min ah’s show
      ”My Girlfriend is a GUMIHO”…. You two were so cute.. If i would be ask
      who do i want for Lee Seung Gi I wannt Shin Min Ah…
      I like them to be couple……………

    • hanamichi says:

      yeah pretty much true……. saying u don’t have a special someone is much more safer than saying u do… TGL!!!!!! hehehe

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  9. joannalissa says:

    i’d rather have him keep his personal life as private as possible.. i would not want to see him stressed about how the public would rant about him being attached to someone. 😀

  10. cham says:

    …i hope you and shin min ah we’ll be real life couple you’re so perfect together

  11. bernadette lumbis says:

    i like her also but is up 2 lee seung gi and shin min ah

  12. ciela says:

    i realy reay realy realy like shin min ah for you…so i hope that she will be your real life girlfriend..:) ❤

  13. kate_rhonna says:

    lee sueng gi and shin min ah is so very cute together,,,
    i wish …. if he had girlfriend,,,,i want shin min ah to be his girlfriend….<3

  14. piyang says:

    i wish shin min ah and lee seung gi will become sweethearts soon…. love them both much…. they look good twogether! and hope for another reunion project with her and lee… 🙂

  15. ronalyn20 says:

    i love shin min and lee seung …

  16. Labuac02 says:

    i’m crazy in watching mygirlfriend is a gumiiho……
    i wish to watch and watch and watch and watch…………….

  17. melody mandi says:

    i really want them to be girlfriend lee and shin min ah

  18. Anonymous says:

    i hope they ill in love to each other.. (lee seung gi and yang min ah)

  19. Anonymous says:

    dear lee seung ki.
    yoboseo. . i wish ur gf is shin min ah..
    u are cute . . ahe nomunomu chua. .

  20. Hey San says:

    all celebrities are busy but it depends on them if they want to have a girlfriend…..
    even me im single….!!!!!hahaha

  21. jennifer aladano says:

    he’s so cute .. i hope he could have a girlfriend .. soon

  22. Anonymous says:

    lee seung gi is just for mee,,

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love the two of them.. Lee seung gi and Shin mi ah.. I wish they will fall in love with each other like in their movie,”My Gf is a gumiho.”

  24. Anonymous says:

    “I believe that time will come that they will become couple.. Happy and cute couple” ❤

  25. April says:

    Ladies, there’s reel-life and there is also real-life. Personally I’d prefer Seunggi having a non-celebrity girlfriend….someone not involved in the entertainment arena.

  26. Rosnita says:

    you’re so handsome…seung gi…i like your smile…

  27. esrss says:

    i wish if she was shin min ah

  28. Anonymous says:

    Lee seung gi i think you can has the pretty girls for you

  29. vanwook says:

    ilike you

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