‘Eye Cleansing’ Couples in Dramas

① Lee Seung Gi – Shin Min Ah

The headline sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it? ‘Eye cleansing’ is the literal translation, but it basically means ‘pleasing to the eyes’ or simply ‘good looking.’ The article basically lists lots of good-looking couples from recent dramas. It doesn’t really rank them, but our hoi couple’s picture was posted first. 😀

You can check out the other 7 couples here. I’m just too lazy to list people I’m not too crazy about. 😛

source: StyleM

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1 Response to ‘Eye Cleansing’ Couples in Dramas

  1. WiSeong says:

    hoi hoi tryp!
    de~!!!! my fave couple ever!!! there are nomu nomu nomu good looking!!
    this is my first comment here, sorry… but i follow you since a MGIG keke because SMA and LSG become my fave actors there!!!
    regards from Peru^^

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