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Lee Seung Gi, with bright smile + teddy bear hat, crowned as ‘cute terminator’

*updated with video link* Some sightseeing after their hearty meal. 😀

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, the last supper? 3 servings with foreigner friend ‘storm meal’

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, “Na Young Seok PD, the worst PD in history”

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11.01.10 News Tidbits

11.01.09 1N2D single rating (Nielsen): 34.0%; peak rating: 38.1% during the introduction of the dinner bokbulbok game Thankfully the ratings remained strong. 11.01.09 Nielsen ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 24.5 (Seoul 25.6), #18 1n2d rerun 10.5 (Seoul 11) 11.01.09 TNS ratings: … Continue reading

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Strong Heart Ep 59 MC Photos

Stronger than anyone, Korea’s representative MC HoDong & SeungGi!

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11.01.07 1N2D Fanpics

Finally, some pictures! 😀 These pictures also came with a fan account, but this person did not say much about our SeungGi. So I’ll only translate some relevant part and it will be very brief. 😛

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SeungGi Singing on 1N2D – Compilation #2

Looks like there has been a lot of interest in SeungGi the singer recently. Here is another fan compilation. credit: dclsg

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11.01.09 1n2d cut

*updated* Looks like the dclsg fans weren’t very impressed with today’s 1n2d episode either. And they haven’t been posting any cuts, except this onethese two. Besides the boring content, poor editing, and lack of screen time for SeungGi, another thing … Continue reading

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SeungGi’s Hat Fashion Show on 1N2D

I’m sorry to say, but today’s 1n2d was kind of boring. So let’s focus on the positives, i.e. how adorable SeungGi is! 😀 Especially with the 2nd hat. 😀

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